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Paper & Digital  Organizing Retreat

Island Organizing's Virtual Paper Organizing Retreat will give you space and time to focus on getting your paper projects organized. This virtual one day retreat was designed to give you a jump start on your paper organizing.

You will have live coaching and focused time during this retreat to help you learn how to sort, purge and process your paper, email and computer files. PLUS a Sunday Basket Workshop at the end of the retreat!


  • Bills to pay, magazines, catalogs, flyers, invitations, calendars, to-do lists, receipts, filing cabinet files, receipts, coupons, family papers, computer.

  • Any supplies you would like to have available

  • Sunday Basket (available for purchase separately)

  • Favorite drink & snacks!

7 Hours

$127.00 (Physical Sunday Basket sold separately)

Schedule through the "Book Online" option

Sunday Basket Workshop

The Sunday Basket is a system for helping you get a handle on all the Daily and Actionable papers that are floating around in your kitchen, car, bedroom, dining room, mailbox, purse, etc.


This is a hands-on workshop where you will receive step-by-step guidance to sort and process these items. You will leave class with your papers organized and a weekly routine to maintain the system to keep you on top of all your tasks!


Materials Needed: Bring to class all of your actionable paper. Flyers, handouts, receipts, recipes, catalogs, incoming mail, bills to pay, bills to file, post-it notes, index cards, to-do’s, sports schedules, paper from your car, permission slips, and so much more!


What you will receive: 25 Slash Pockets * Weekly Planning Sheet * Box of your choice in color: Black, Slate Gray, Champagne, Vintage Plum, Org365 Pink, Sky Blue, Trendy Teal, Sapphire Blue, Classic Navy, Hunter Green.

2.5 Hours 

$97 (plus shipping if virtual)

Schedule through the "Book Online" option

Friday WorkBox

The Friday Workbox is the solution you’ve been looking for if you  are craving organization in your workplace.

If you spend your Monday morning flustered and tying up loose ends from last week, or bring work home every weekend because you just can’t get it all done, the Friday Workbox is for you!

The Friday Workbox is a system for organizing and processing all of those actionable “to do” papers that are part of managing most office jobs or other types of work.

Built into the Friday Workbox is a complete organization system developed specifically for managing the huge amount of paperwork that comes with working in an office. The system is simple, but the payoff is huge–less weekend work, less Monday scramble, and no losing important work in piles of paper on your desk.

The Friday Workbox is both an organizational tool to keep your paper under control, and also a set of routines that will enable you to be more productive and leave work at work.

2.5 Hours 

$150 (plus shipping)

Schedule through the "Book Online" option

Friday WB Image.jpg
Digital Documents
Computer Files &
Email Organizing

We can work together to get that email cleaned out for good! We want to help you have a decluttered email inbox and put systems in place to keep it that way.


We can work on cleaning up your computer filing system too.  Just because it doesn't take up physical space in your home or office, it can still be cluttered and disorganized - let us help you clean out your digital document files. 


Schedule an email and computer decluttering service with us today!


Consultation & Coaching

You may want coaching services if:

  • You are struggling with where to begin your organization process or having trouble completing the projects

  • You can't keep up with all of your to-do's

  • You are feeling distracted and disorganized and want some help to work toward your goals

  • You have trouble finding those papers or emails you're looking for

  • You want accountability and advice

We can provide a15 minute complimentary phone consultation to discuss what your goals are.  We will discuss your situation and our future steps together.


Virtual Coaching to create systems for efficiency with your paper files, computer files and emails. 


Complete Paper.jpg
 Paper Organizing

Is your paper out of control?  Did you inherit someone else's filled filing cabinet?  Need Help?!


Stefanie is endorsed by Organize 365 as a Complete In Home Paper Organizer. She is HIPAA Certified and trained to assist others (in their home or hers) to process through the contents of a filing cabinet and keep, shred or recycle the contents per the homeowner's wishes. 

Paper Organizing can be charged by the hour or by the banker's box. 



            $50/hour                                      $250/banker's box for                                                                  offsite sorting and organizing

The Financial Organizing Binder will keep all of your financial information at your fingertips.  There is a place for your financial advisor's contact information, insurance records, bill payment history and so much more.   

We can work together to bring all of your financial information into one central location for better organization of your family's financial situation.

Contact us to get you started!

Financial Organizing Binder
Medical Organizing Binder

You know what you are allergic to and what your family history holds, but could you communicate that in an emergency? Are you caring for another family member? We can help you organize all of the medical information into one easy to use location.

With a background in health information administration and the use of this binder, we can give you the peace of mind that you need in a medical emergency.  


If you or someone you are taking care of gets sick,  this situation can be made easier by being organized and prepared.

Contact us to get you started!

Household Operations Binder

Running a home involves so many details, lists, tasks, and routines. It’s impossible to keep them all straight or to share them with someone else.  Where do you keep your cleaning schedule, the list of babysitters, the lists for the babysitters to use, service providers for maintenance of your home and so much more?


The Household Operations Binder can simplify this for your! It is like the user's manual for your home.  Organize your home with the key to maintaining your home and managing your household. 

Household Reference Binder

We require lots of items to run our home, but where do you keep all of these manuals, receipts, order forms, repairs and more?


The Household Reference Binder will help you organize these papers and massive manuals into a beautiful, easy-to-reference binder that you’ll actually use.

Contact us to get you started!

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